June 18th, 2010

Caputo Media was founded by Shari Caputo. Shari is a sales person with a love for marketing and advertising who has worked successfully online for the past 18 years. Her first online collaboration was the Internet’s first web hosting directory which was sold to a public company about 15 years ago. After the non-compete was up Shari decided to get back in the saddle and start all over again and built up the Internet’s largest web developer network with over 50 million pageviews per month. A majority stake of that business was sold off about 4 years ago and then merged with a large publishing conglomerate.

About 5 years ago, Shari decided that she really wanted to remain in the online world that she loved but focus her attention on markets that she enjoys and appreciates. “I want to own the largest cigar site online and be a part of the community and meet the manufacturers and go to conventions and smoke a cigar with those guys,” she said. “Also, I’ve been a gamer my whole life so I thought it would be really cool to own a great gaming site! This time around it is about fun. If it is not fun, it is not for me! I want our sites to be a place where people can come to enjoy themselves and escape from their everyday lives.”

Shari Caputo:

Started out her career as a stockbroker with Morgan Stanley many moons ago until she got wooed away by the thought of becoming her own boss and making 100% commission instead of 25% commission and living the American dream and then she never looked back!  Shari is always available to her clients via email and cell and her clients will tell you she has probably responded to their email by the time they hit the send button!  Shari is a mommy of 2 great kids (who thankfully don’t mind if she bumps into them as she is typing away or talking on the phone) and she is involved in a number of charitable organizations.

Dave Abrams:

Dave brings over 15 years of marketing and customer service experience with him to the Caputo Media team.  He started his career as a marketing consultant for one of the largest insurance companies in the world where he was responsible for creating marketing plans for several thousand agents.  He eventually worked his way up to Sr. Marketing Consultant for the entire Pacific Zone and after many years in the insurance and financial services field he felt it was time for a change.  His love of cigars, gaming and music, coupled with his drive and creativity made him a perfect fit to join the Caputo Media family.

Jay White:

Jay has been writing for Dumb Little Man since its inception in 2006.  He is a successful sales executive, and has always been intrigued by ways to improve his productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a simpler way for everything.   Jay’s role here at Caputo Media remains the same as it has been:  running Dumb Little Man the same way it has always been run, and making it the best location for information you can really find helpful to your every day life.  Jay is married with two beautiful children, and his hobbies include exterminating monsters in closets, cleaning up boogers, and finding new and interesting ways to make his kids smile.  Jay White joined the Caputo Media team June 2013 and runs the day to day operations of Dumb Little Man.

Rich Smith:

Programmer, pigeon boy, tech support, wish bringer, head engineer, sys admin, miracle worker, red shirt, low man on the totem pole, whipping boy, and all-around idiot.  Will work for bread crumbs and internet access.  Responsible for all bugs, outages, inconsistencies, misspellings, spiders and errors across network.  If its broken, blame this guy.