Our Websites

June 25th, 2010

At Caputo Media, our sites are designed to give you a real community feel.  Most of the sites have large forums and very active members.  We also post up relevant news, reviews, FAQ’s tips, tricks and how to’s on a daily basis.

Here are the sites we are currently proud to call our own along with a brief site description and site statistics:

  • Puff.com – Puff.com was introduced to the cigar community in early 2008 after we acquired and merged 4 of the largest and most well know cigar sites online and joined them all together.  Today Puff.com boasts the largest number of cigar reviews online with a matching successful iPhone application.  Puff.com also has some really great streaming “Puffcasts”, a huge video library and a large double opt in newsletter subscriber base.  Puff.com Monthly Traffic Stats:  372,337 Unique Visitors, 2,153,240 Pageviews, 5.78 Pages Per Visitor, 91% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • Dashhacks.com -The Dashhacks Network has been online for many years and has become well known in the gaming community as a quality source for the latest gaming news, downloads, resources and information. Hardcore gamers and people new to the scene can stay on the cutting edge and find all of the hottest, breaking gaming industry news. On Dashhacks.com you can find whatever you are looking for as it relates to the PS3, PSP, iPhone, Kinect and Xbox360 as well as breaking industry and underground news. There is also an ever growing download section and a very active community forum where gamers from all over the world meet to discuss the latest gaming news. Dashhacks.com Monthly Traffic Stats: 1,402,326 Unique Visitors, 8,196,683 Pageviews, 2.70 Pages Per Visitor, 40%% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • QJ.net - The QJ.net Network has been online for more than 12 years now and has become a trusted source for gaming news and information.  Our writers always have their pulse on what games are coming out soon to keep our visitors coming back for more!  On QJ.net you can find what you need to know for your Nintendo DS, Wii, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad or even your PC.  There is also a massive download section and a very active community forum.  QJ.net Monthly Traffic Stats:  1,409,501 Unique Visitors, 4,550,725 Pageviews, 2.12 Pages Per Visitor, 53.46% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • FlashArcade.com – FlashArcade.com is one of the largest Flash game sites and has been online for more than 11 years!  Our brand new layout and design separates us from many other gaming sites because of our navigation and ease of use.  You can search by new games, top rated, most played, strategy, arcade and puzzle.  We also have an abundance of original games that you will not find anywhere else on the web.  FlashArcade Monthly Traffic Stats:  820,847 Unique Visitors, 3,140,763 Pageviews, 2.40 Pages Per Visitor, 44.61% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • Moronail.net and ImageChan.com – Moronail.net and ImageChan.com are edgy, fun, exciting and humorous image sites where our users can upload images that they create themselves and then alter them to make them even crazier.  All of the images on the site are fully moderated so our advertisers do not have to worry about pornography or other uncensored images.  Another great feature of these sites is our “Community Builder” where our members can interact with each other.  Moronail.net Monthly Traffic Stats:  545,004 Unique Visitors, 7,681,885 Pageviews, 5.93 Pages per visitor, 51.61% Traffic US, UK and Canada.  ImageChan.com Monthly Traffic Stats:  307,221 Unique Visitors, 11,800,848 Pageviews, 15.73 Pages Per Visit, 61.11% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • MangaVolume.com – MangaVolume.com is a sophisticated Manga blog were you can upload your very own Manga while viewing others from around the world. You may view Manga anywhere you go. At home, in your car, at school, even at work when your boss is not looking. You cannot go wrong with free Manga!   What is Manga?  Manga is a comic and cartoon style that was developed in Japan in the late 19th century.  The genre includes a broad range of subjects from action-adventure, romance, mystery plus many more.  MangaVolume.com Monthly Traffic Stats:  655,514 Unique Visitors, 46,814,335 Pageviews, 40.32 Pages Per Visitor.  48.6% Traffic US, UK and Canada.
  • PSX-Scene.com – PSX-Scene.com is a well known and well respected source for Playstation scene mainstream and underground news. In existence for over 10 years PSX-Scene has become the place for members and developers to share ideas. Read the latest news or browse the massive PSX-Scene forums to stay up to date on the latest scene developments regarding modifications and homebrew specifically for your Playstation. PSX-Scene.com Monthly Traffic Stats: 900,000 Unique Visitors, 12,000,000 pageviews, 3.18 Pages Per Visitor, 44.13% Traffic US, UK and Canada.